As one of the leading providers of consulting, expert and advisory services, Parley Parsons delivers a series of events and training courses that cover a wide breadth of industry topics that help build and transfer skills and expertise for organisations. Our professionals have delivered hundreds of seminars, and in-house training courses. We do provide customized trainings covering all aspects of the Construction and other industries to support the Employees to understand the best practices and implement them within their daily tasks.

The aim of the training programme is to achieve the following objectives:-

  • Reinforce the knowledge of participants in respect of general commercial terms and conditions of construction contracts (including subcontracts).
  • Improve the skills and capabilities of participants with respect to reading, understanding, reviewing, administering and negotiating contracts, claims and all other matters.
  • Familiarise participants with actual case studies from global portfolio of projects and to disseminate experience relating to contract and claims management.
  • Develop internal procedures relating to contract management and to ensure consistency of contract management applications at all levels within the company.
  • Improve communication and increase cooperation between the Employees at site and corporate levels.
  • Contribute to the strengthening the organization’s corporate culture.


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